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Direct To Garment

​DTG Printing is the process of printing logos, artwork and illustrations directly on
to garments with the only requirements being that garments are 80% Cotton / 20% 
Polyester or higher Cotton content, this makes this process of printing ideal for
t-shirts, hoodies and sweatshirts. DTG Garment Printing can print on to virtually 
any colour garments.

DTG Printing's advanced print technology not only allows us to replicate detailed logos, artwork and illustrations in incredible detail but also produces a second to none crystal clear finish.
direct to garment

Direct To Film

Direct to film
Direct-to-film clothing refers to a printing technique where the design or artwork is printed directly onto the fabric. Unlike traditional methods such as screen printing or heat transfers, direct-to-film allows for detailed and intricate designs to be printed directly onto the clothing material.

Overall, direct-to-film clothing is a modern printing method that offers high-quality and visually appealing designs on garments with efficient production and design capabilities.
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